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Raw Blue Apatite Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Raw Blue Apatite Bracelet, Sterling Silver

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Lovely! This is a unique raw Blue Apatite crystal bracelet with gemmy blue Apatite stones set in solid sterling silver. You will receive the exact bracelet shown. Apatite is closely associated with the throat chakra, fostering clear and authentic communication. Its energy encourages self-expression and facilitates the articulation of thoughts and ideas. This crystal is believed to stimulate creativity and enhance the flow of inspiration, making it a valuable ally for artists, writers, and those engaged in creative pursuits.
In addition to its effects on communication, Apatite is thought to have a harmonizing influence on the body's energy systems. It is often utilized to balance and stimulate the chakras, promoting a sense of overall well-being. Apatite's vibrant energy is said to stimulate the development of psychic abilities and enhance spiritual attunement.
On an emotional level, Apatite is considered a stone of manifestation and motivation. It is believed to help individuals set and achieve goals, promoting a sense of empowerment and clarity in one's life path. Apatite's uplifting energy can dispel negativity and inspire a positive outlook.
In the realm of meditation, Apatite is employed to deepen spiritual attunement and facilitate communication with higher realms. Its connection to the third eye chakra is thought to enhance intuition and open pathways to inner wisdom.
Apatite's metaphysical properties make it a versatile and valuable crystal for those seeking to enhance creativity, communication, and spiritual exploration.

Handcrafted with solid sterling Silver

Max Length: 8in

Comes in a Gift Box with a meaning card

Ships within 3 business days
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