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Raw Blue Kyanite - Set of 5 Blades


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Set of 5 Raw Blue Kyanite Blades. Beautiful blue kyanite crystals for healing or jewelry making. A high vibration stone, Blue Kyanite is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing and can be used to clear other crystals. Highly sought for metaphysical purposes, Kyanite’s uses are unlimited. It is considered a universal bridge, as its high vibration opens pathways in the mind and allows for the transfer of energy. Kyanite is though to enhance psychic abilities, expand consciousness and transition one into deep meditative states. Kyanite clings all chakras of the body, and is particularly good for expanding the third eye chakra and working on the throat chakra.

Crystals range from 1.5" to 3.5" and will contain a mix. You can make a special request if you'd like something in particular.

Blue Color Energy | The color of a calm sky or still lake, blue has a powerful effect on our mindset. Known for being calming and promoting a sense of lightheartedness. Light blue crystals help us to let go of painful memories and destructive behaviors. Light blue energy inspires a positive life and aids with grief and anxiety. Darker blue crystals enhance the respect and compassion we have within ourselves. They teach us humanity, discretion, and honor. 

Water Energy | Typically black and blue crystals resonate with Water Energy. Water Energy is best for rooms used for meditation, prayer for sleep. In Feng Shui, Crystals with Water Energy should be kept in the Northern rooms in the house.



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