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Red Quartz Cluster, Morocco

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This is a gorgeous deep red Quartz cluster hailing from Morocco. A large specimen, this cluster has wild points and elestial formations. The striking red color is caused by Hematite (iron) that forms over the Quartz cluster. I picked this up at the Tucson Gem show in 2023.

Size: 5.25in x 4in x 3.25in
Weight: 1lb 3oz
Includes a meaning card
Ships from Cape Cod Crystals within 3 business days

A raw form of Earth’s essence, Red Quartz embodies pure life, fortitude and protection. An etheric shield to protect the aura during spiritual journeys. Generating strength and willpower from within, Red Quartz is excellent for self-esteem and optimism. Red Quartz is the perfect combatant against fear, a rock of support that inspires strength. It has the potential to heal wounds by influencing the mind and providing emotional strength. Root Chakra, Sun, Libra, Earth Element


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