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Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones

Red Tiger Eye

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Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones - Beautiful scarlet and silver Tiger's Eye stones. A popular healing stone for the Base / Root Chakra & Chakra balancing. Powerful color energy for sure - These Tiger's Eye stones have a dark red body.

A stone of vitality, physical energy, comfort, motivation, creativity, and expression.

Red Tiger's Eye is thought to encourage self-confidence and comfort, especially in bedroom matters. A strong grounding stone, Tiger Eye's connection to the Earth's Energy is paired with powerful red color energy that stimulates the Root Chakra. This combination is ideal for bringing inner desires to reality and improving our quality of satisfaction through being comfortable with our own needs and sharing them without fear of judgment. Red Tiger's Eye can help us rediscover that "spice" or "spark" in relationships, intimacy or even or everyday tasks and personal projects.

Medium = .75" or over

Large = 1.25" or over 


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