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Rose Quartz Merkaba

Rose Quartz

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This listing is for one hand-carved Rose Quartz Merkaba measuring approximately 1.5in x 1in. The Merkaba is a special shape, a three-dimensional 8 pointed star. It consists of two triangular pyramids, one pointing upward and the other down. “Mer” Light. “Ka” Spirit. “Ba” Body. Mer-Ka-Ba represents the spirit & body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light. It is seen as a shape that embodies the creation of the universe and the ‘eternal source’ that still lingers with us today. As a shape of creation, the Merkaba reminds us that all things are possible and that we are never truly bound by the restrictions we perceive. It is the Earth, but also the heavens and realms beyond. The Merkaba helps us in any journey, whether it be of self-discovery or attempting to connect with higher realms.

You will receive one Rose Quartz Merkaba
Each Measures approximately 1.5in x 1in
Includes my Rose Quartz Meaning Card
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals


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