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Rutilated Quartz Dream Stone

Rutilated Quartz Dream Stone

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This is an enchanting Rutilated Quartz dream stone filled with silver and gold Rutile. There is also a layering of stormy grey Chlorite. You will receive the exact Rutile Quartz shown. Dream stones are clear Quartz crystals that have been polished in a way that magnifies the interior. The view changes as you move the stone. A wonderful gazing stone, there's so much to explore within a dream stone! About Rutile: Delicate, beautiful and unique, Rutile is a natural wonder! Ones entire chakra system becomes activated and aligned when working with this stone. Helps in astral travel and recalling the past, bridging the physical and spiritual worlds. Rutile helps raise one's mental awareness and attunement with higher realms. Cleansing & energizing - stabilizes emotions & relationships. Strongly connected to the divine/astral realms.

Size: 2.25in x 2in x 1.75in
Weight: 5oz
Origin: Brazil
Ships within 3 business days
Includes my Rutile meaning card


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