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Sandalwood Incense - INCA, Natural Handmade in Brazil


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Sandalwood Incense sticks. These are thick, black incense sticks with a 90 minutes burn time.

From the Maker:

In India, the Sandalwood tree is sacred because it "perfumes the ax that strikes it." Strengthened Gratitude eliminates or impedes feelings such as grudge and hurt. This incense comes to celebrate Gratitude with you! 

Sandalwood oils and resins have been used extensively by Eastern civilizations since ancient times and are now part of the worldwide cosmetics and perfumery industry. It is a balm of Eastern spirituality and one of the cornerstones of the ritualistic practices of these peoples. Sandalwood coupled with the therapeutic properties of Breuzinho (black-white) celebrates gratitude and a feeling of brotherhood. 

Box contains 4 incense sticks. 
Each stick burns for approximately 90 min. 
Careful and handmade manufacturing. 
Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense 
Non Toxic


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