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Sapphire Pendant Necklace

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This is a natural Sapphire pendant necklace made with a faceted Sapphire stone. You will receive the exact pendant shown and your choice of a chain or just the pendant. Sapphire is the September Birthstone. "Blue Sapphire is a stone of mental and psychic activation, an enhancer of insight, extrasensory perception and mental agility. It is believed to help one see below surface appearances to the underlying truth and to speak clearly with the voice of inner wisdom. Astrologically, Blue Sapphite is associated with the plant Saturn, the archetype of order, structure, limitation, and discipline. It is an ideal ally for organizing one's ideas and perceptions and bringing them into form. The strong Blue Ray of these Sapphires is ideal for facilitating the integrated awakening and utilization of the throat and third eye Chakras. Blue Sapphire can stimulate psychic abilities and activate one's higher intelligence. It opens the channels for communication of one's highest wisdom and allows one to act as a conduit for information from the higher planes." - From the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons.

Made with .925 Sterling Silver
Ships within 3 business days From Cape Cod Crystals in the US
20 in Sterling silver chain is optional.


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