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Schalenblende Slab | Galena, Sphalerite and Wurzite | Specimen 0002


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Unique Schalenblende specimen with ideal concentric bands of Galena, Sphalerite and Wurzite. You will receive the exact mineral specimen shown. This slab has one polished face and measures approximately 2.5” X 1.25 X 3/8” | This mineral specimen comes from Poland, and Schalenblende is mined throughout Europe but is lesser known in the USA. Schalenblende forms in concentric masses that form swirls and bands of silver (Galena), Brown (Sphalerite) and Tan which is Wurzite. Wurzite a more rare variation of Sphalerite which fluoresces orange under a UV light.

Specimen SCH-0002

  • Dimensions: 2.5” X 1.25 X 3/8” 
  • Weight: 1.8 OZ 

Metaphysically, Schalenblende offers protection bringing about a particular feeling of certainty, trust and discernment. It is thought to help one distinguish truths from misinformation and strengthen confidence in one's own judgment. The unique mix of minerals in these specimens is also beneficial for grounding and staying 'in the moment' -  A stone of truth and mindfulness.


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