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Scolecite Tumbled Stone, Large


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These are large, beautiful, pillowy Scolecite stones. Each stone is over 1” and has smooth rounded shape and clean white color with pale beige markings. Includes my Scolecite meaning card. 

This listing is for 1 large Scolecite stone like the ones shown in the pictures. 

Scolecite Meaning and Properties Card

Scolecite is a unique, high vibration healing stone with special kinship with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is a stone for exploring dreams and finding peace within the self. Inner peace is evident and effects those around you, so perhaps this is why Scolecite is accredited with being a powerful stone for cooperation, leadership, and bringing friendship or positive work-relationships. It would be a wonderful stone for anyone trying to advance in their career or just looking to be comfortable in their own skin. A nice little reminder that how we are perceived starts with how we perceive ourselves. 

Scolecite is commonly suggested for Capricorn. I also like this for Scorpio and Aires.


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