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Selenite Charging Plate | 2.25in Square Slab


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These are thick, square Selenite charging plates made from pure white Moroccan Selenite. Each plate is a 2.25in square - Perfect for cleansing crystals, rings, and jewelry or incorporating into your grids and creative crystal projects. They also feel wonderful to hold.

The faces are buffed and lightly polished. Selenite is a super soft crystal, so a little texture around the rim is to be expected. They have not been overworked or had any hardeners added.

You will receive one Square Selenite plate like the pictures shown.
  • Approximate dimensions : 2.25" X 2.25" X .5" (thickness varies a bit, by maybe 1/8")
  • Made from 100% pure White Morrocan Selenite
  • Includes my Selenite Meaning Card
  • Ships quickly and SAFELY from Cape Cod, MA.

SElenite Meaning


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