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Selenite Rod, 3-Inch Raw Selenite Stick


Regular price $2.99

This listing is for one, pure white Selenite rod measuring approximately 3in long and 3/4in wide. Each stick is 100% natural Selenite, carefully cut and pre-cleaned to reduce shedding. These little wands are wonderful for crystal cleansing, energy clearing and removing energetic blockages. Selenite is one of the most popular crystal clearing tools, simply by placing other stones on or near Selenite, it works as an 'energy vacuum' to rid the old and allow for new intentions to be set. These are also great for clearing the energy of a home by placing one at each entryway or bringing the Selenite room-to-room.

  • You will receive one Selenite Rod as shown
  • This is raw Selenite, it has been pre-cleaned, but there will be minimal shedding
  • Each stick measures approximately 3in X 3/4in X 3.4in
  • Includes my Selenite meaning card.
  • Ships within 2-business days from Cape Cod Crystals
  • If you need more than one stick, please let me know if you need multiple meaning cards.


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