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Selenite Triangle Charging Plate

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Selenite Triangle Charging Plate - polished white Selenite Triangles for cleansing and energizing your crystals & stones. An essential piece for crystal healing, gridding, Reiki, and altars. Triangles are about 3" in length - there is a little variation as these are natural Selenite pieces and handmade. 

Includes a Selenite Meaning Card

This listing is for 1 Charging Triangle plate

Selenite is a form of Gypsum. It can be found in massive crystal formations in underground caves. It is thought that selenite is cleansing, and is currently one of the most popular energy cleansing crystals today. It is used to dispel negative energy from the home, workplace and to cleanse the energy of other crystals.

Selenite Feng Shui Elemental Energy - Water
Planetary - Moon
Color - White / Clear
Chakra - Crown


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