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Seraphinite Tumbled Stones | Small | Genuine From Russia


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Genuine Seraphinite stones with deep green color and silver shimmer. These are small, natural Seraphinite stones that make wonderful crystals for jewelry, carrying in your pocket or just admiring their beauty. This listing is for one stone like the pictures shown. Each stone measures about 1/2" in length and has an organic shape. A small piece of Seraphinite is the perfect way to add a little rarity to your healing collection, especially if you've been curious about the healing properties of this unique stone.
  • You will receive one stone like the pictures shown. 
  • Stones measure about 1/2" in length. 
  • Seraphinite is not naturally a smooth stone because it has mica inclusions that create silvery flash. So some original texture may remain, especially if it has lots of shimmery feathers. If you are looking for something specific in your stone, please contact me prior to purchase. 
Seraphinite Properties
Seraphinite is a type of Clinochlore, (Mg,Fe2+)5Al2Si3O10(OH)8. and so many of its healing properties overlap. Clinochlore is used as an aid for lifting the veil between worlds, be it the angelic realm or other planes. It is a stone used to ‘raise one’s vibration’ and experience things normally outside the range of perception. As its name suggests, Seraphinite is for some, the best type of Clinochlore for raising one’s vibration and connecting with the angelic realm. The name Seraphinite comes from the word Seraph, the highest order of angels. To some, Seraphinite is the most powerful tool for connection to the angelic realm.


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