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Smoky Quartz Tower with Gold Rutile and Hematite Inclusions, 1lb 6oz, High-Quality Specimen

Smoky Quartz

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This is a stunning Rutilated Smoky Quartz tower weighing over 1lb and standing 5 inches tall. This large point has excellent clarity and beautiful, natural color. Its warm brown color is accentuated by clouds Hematite inclusions and the golden Rutile actually comes through, to the surface of the crystal. An exceptional piece that would make the perfect centerpiece for any mineral collection or healing arrangement.

  • You will receive the exact tower shown.
  • Specimen SMQ-0017
  • Approximate Dimensions: 5in x 2.5in x 1.75in
  • Weight: 1lb 6oz
  • Origin: Mined and Carved in Brazil
  • Includes my Smoky Quartz Meaning Card.

About Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz Crystal is an essential healing crystal utilized throughout history by many cultures. The ancient Druids and Celts associated Smoky Quartz with the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth and Hectate, goddess of the Occult and the Dark Moon. This stone’s smoky appearance was seen as ghost-like to ancient Gaelic peoples, who came to see Smoky Quartz as a symbol of the afterlife and conduit to the spirit realm.

Smoky Quartz embodies both the depths of night's darkness and the serenity of the moon's guiding light. Smoky Quartz opens the mind and expands our perception of this reality. offers us safe passage when navigating the subconscious, connecting with the spiritual realm or unlocking memories.

Historically, Smoky Quartz was a symbol of the harvest - the transition into the darker times of the year. It is a stone of embracing what we would normally fear, awaking instinct and curiosity. It can help us rediscover old passions and discover new skills or gifts already within us.

About Rutile
Rutile is an ore of Titanium Oxide. You might be familiar with Titanium Oxide pigments in the form of bright white paint. Rutile can vary greatly in color, from brilliant gold to coppery red to jet black. When higher amounts of Iron Oxide are present, the color will be more golden and is often sought as use for gemstones or decorative pieces. Rutile's unique beauty is unmatched, as it forms in unique sprays that seem to float, suspended within another crystal or stone.

There are many articles referring to Rutile's ability to act as an 'antenna' picking up the frequencies of the universe. I like to think of Rutile more like the flash of a camera, capturing a moment or eternalizing an intention. While Rutile's classic shape is a star or fan, rarely do we see Rutile perfectly fanned out in one direction. It weaves and intersects and splinters, which is what is so captivating about the sight of Rutile. It's organized chaos mirrors our perception of the world - in many little pieces that come together to form a bigger picture. But Rutile is frozen in time, allowing us to look into a moment from every angle and discover new paths or possibilities we never would have considered. It sparks a sense of wonderment and makes the everyday moments seem a little more enchanted. Its warm light is comforting in a way; Rutile is often used as a soothing stone before bedtime or to restore a sense of serenity upon returning home after a long day. While incredibly energetic and active, it is also still and elegant.

About Hematite
A stone of artistic inspiration, imagination, creativity and wealth, this silvery black stone has had metaphysical and practical uses throughout history. Cave paintings, known as "pictographs," dating back to 40,000 years ago were created with Hematite pigments. During the Renaissance when many painters began using oils and canvas, hematite was one of the most important pigments. Hematite color was opaque and permanent.

Deeply connected to the Earth's ancient energies, Hematite is strong, solid and revitalizing. Hematite is a powerful grounding mineral, connecting us to the undercurrent of nature and our primary sense of nature. Hematite has long been associated with the planet Mars, and recently, it was discovered the surface of Mars actually does contain such an abundance of Hematite, that is what gives the surface its red appearance. While Hematite may look Silver, it has a red 'streak' meaning if you run it over a piece of paper, it will leave a red mark. Hematites true red nature is why Hematite inclusions will redden a stone or crystal. Its red color energy benefits the lower chakras, especially the Root Chakra as it provides a sense of stability and has protective properties.


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