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Sodalite Point


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This is a blue Sodalite point with a raw base and polished point. Lovely, deep blue color and contrasting white markings. This is a top polished point meaning the base is raw and the top has been cut into a six-sided point. A great piece for those who appreciate the look/energy of raw stone but also want something easy to display. Sodalite is a striking, dark blue stone crossed with flashes of white like a night sky. It is dense and grounded. It inspires one to consider themselves in relation to the vast universe and is thought to awaken insights into the self and reality. Ideal for deep meditation, it allows a quiet mind for reflection. Sodalite is a royal blue tectosilicate mineral that often has white includes of Calcite and black or dark green Aegirine.

You will receive the exact Sodalite shown
Includes my Sodalite meaning card
Size: 4.25in x 2.75in x 2.5in
Weight: 1lb 1oz
Ships within 2 business days


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