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Solar Plexus Healing Stone Set - Chakra Healing Set

Chakra Crystal Set

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Solar plexus chakra stones set of 5 chakra stones that make the solar plexus chakra happy. Great for chakra balancing, Reiki, energy healing and just for enjoying the wonderful yellow colors. Includes Tiger’s Eye, Tumbled Citrine, a Raw Citrine Point, Moonstone and Mookaite Jasper with gold coloring. Comes in a simple wooden box with a detailed meaning card.

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All stones are high quality and will look very similar to the pictures shown. We hand select each set carefully.

Tumbled Citrine: Citrine is a bright, sunny stone that brightens the dreariest of days. Beloved for thousands of years, Citrine is thought to bring the most positive energy to the entire body.

Raw Citrine Point: Citrine is such a powerful tool for the Solar plexus, we included a raw citrine point. Points are excellent for directing the power of a crystal and are simply enchanting to see.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye was valued among ancient cultures for its power to protect, and ward off evil. Today, we love the warm look and stable energy of a Tiger’s Eye. This stone supports the relationships we cherish.

Moonstone: An elegant, charming stone.
The Romans believed Moonstone enclosed the image of Diana, the Moon Goddess, who could endow love, wealth, victory and wisdom upon the possessor. Since ancient times, Moonstone has been a connection to the moon -  a light in the darkness offering protection.  

Mookaite: Mookaite is a very special stone that is found only one place in the world: along the Mooka river in Western Australia. It has become popular for it’s apparently strong connection to the Earth’s electromagnetic current. It is energizing and said to have anti-aging properties. The golden shade particularly resonates with the solar plexus.

The Sanskrit word for the Solar Plexus is “Manipura”, which means “city of jewels”. This is such a beautiful way to think to how this chakra represents the self, the ego and our confidence. Here we take time to consider our presentation of our selves to others and who we are. It’s the ego. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the first of our relationship-oriented chakras. It resonates with the color yellow and the element of fire. To work on the Solar Plexus means to work on the self in relation to others, our confidence, how we negotiate and how we balance our needs with the needs of others.


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