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Spectrolite | 2.5LB Giant Gold Labradorite Specimen with Brilliant Flash | Specimen LAB-0030


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Extra large, 2LB Spectrolite/Labradorite specimen with crazy flash! Anyone would love this amazing piece; it has primarily golden color and spots of electric blue here and there. Stands on its own so would be wonderful for displaying on a mantle, bookcase, entryway table - very eye-catching. Includes my Labradorite meaning card and a specimen card for gifting.

Specimen LAB-0030

  • Dimensions: 7.25" X 3" X 2.5"
  • Weight: 2Lbs 9 Oz
  • Stands for Display
  • Includes a Labradorite Meaning Card
  • A super cool gift idea! 
  • Your Satisfaction and Safe Delivery are guaranteed 

Labradorite was once believed, to be the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis which had fallen to Earth - it is like holding a little piece of the universe in your hand. Labradorite is an enchanting crystal that captures the imagination and is thought to hold ancient or primordial knowledge. Labradorite is used in meditation, magic, healing and is thought to enhance psychic abilities.

Labradorite makes a wonderful gift - no two pieces are alike and regardless of one's metaphysical beliefs, Labradorite's magical appearance is beloved by all.

Spectrolite used to refer to a 'brand' of Labradorite mined from Finland - Today, Spectrolite specimens can be found in many places. Spectrolite is now a term used to describe Labradorite that has a wider, brighter range of colors and typically is more transparent than standard Labradorite. The mineral used to create this piece was mined in Madagascar.


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