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Spirit Quartz, Cactus Amethyst

Spirit Quartz

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This is a large Cactus Amethyst, or Spirit Quartz, cluster with sparkling lavender points. An exciting find for any collection, this is a completely intact, clean specimen. Very beautiful on display and can be held comfortably for admiring up close.

Cactus Amethyst is also known as Spirit Quartz or Pineapple Quartz. Its unusual crystal structure is thought to be a result of growing somewhat more quickly than other Amethyst or Quartz crystals. A second generation of crystals forms right over the original point, creating a wonderful druzy cluster. Spirit Quartz are thought to embody all the healing properties of Quartz and also bring joy and lightheartedness.

You will receive the exact Cactus Amethyst crystal shown.
Specimen: AME-0404
Approximate Dimensions: 5.6in X 3.2in X 2.75in
Weight: 1.5lb
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