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Star Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose Quartz

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This is a gorgeous Star Rose Quartz sphere with classic pink color and a pronounced Asterism effect. See the video! When viewed in the sunlight, a six-ray star dances around the sphere. Known as Star Rose Quartz, this special star effect is only found on particular Rose Quartz crystals. The ‘star’ in Star Rose Quartz is created by sub-microscopic inclusions of Rutile that are oriented in a special way within the crystal. Star Rose Quartz will display an amazing star-like ray when sunlight shines on it. “Rutile crystals are like radio antennas tuned to the frequency of Divine intention” – Robert Simmons, The Book of Stones (p. 337)

**Please note the color of Rose Quartz can be washed out in photos. Color & Transparency will be more apparent in real life.

You will receive the exact sphere shown
Size: 2.8in
Weight: 1lb 2oz
Origin: Madagascar
Ships within 2 business days


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