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Sulfur Crystal


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This is a bubbly yellow Sulfur crystal specimen that sits nicely for display. Hailing from California, this is a large cluster of Sulfur crystals on a soft stone matrix. You will receive the exact Sulfur crystal shown. Sulfur crystals have been collected and utilized for centuries as a stone of protection and purity. The use of ceremonial use of Sulfur dates to 4000 b.c. among the Egyptians. Sulfur was thought to ward of evil spirits and cleanse the air of plagues. Its use as a purifier carried well into the 18th century. Modern spiritual use of Sulfur sees it as a tool for purging one’s own demons, rather than outside forces. Resonating with the Solar Plexus, It is a crystal that balances the ‘ego’ and helps one to cool anger and take control of one’s emotions. Sulfur is used to help drive away our own negative thoughts and bring a sense of empowerment.

While ancient cultures burned Sulfur, we now know it is not safe to inhale the fumes of burning Sulfur. So these crystals are best left intact. Sulfur crystals do not have a smell.

Size: 3.5in x 3in x 3in
Weight: 6.8oz
Origin: California
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*** SULFUR MATRIX IS SOFT *** Some shedding in transport should be expected. It has a soft stone base similar to Celestite.

Color is slightly more accurate in photos than in the videos.


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