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Sunstone Tumbled Stone, Medium


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Tumbled Sunstone - a happy little Sunstone Crystal perfectly tumbled. Sunstone is a stone for healing, happiness, joy, abundance and maintaining the positive energy of youth in adulthood. Lovely shade of orange with freckles of deep orange or gold. Sunstones are a wonderful healing crystal for the Sacral Chakra, or the place within us that desires the satisfaction of life's simplest joys. Food, love, naps. Sunstone is of course connected to the vibrancy and energy of the Sun; it also deepens our enjoyment of nature. As the sun gives life to the Earth, Sunstone illuminates the natural world so that we can better sense its beauty and feel our connection to its abundant life.

These stones measure about .75" - 1" in length. So a medium to large size for Sunstone. 

Shapes are even and smooth. They have a rounded or rounded square shape.


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