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Tanzanite Specimen, Triangular Indigo Crystal, 6oz, Tanzania


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This is a beautiful Indigo Tanzanite from Tanzania. It has a deep color and an even triangular shape that is wonderful to hold and can stand for display. An unusual find at this size. Tanzanite is a rare, beautiful crystal that is prized in the metaphysical world for its deep, powerful energy. Even a tiny piece has a calming effect. This crystal is known for creating a realm of happiness and safety where one can examine their emotions and memories without pain or intrusive thoughts. It is thought to promote communication and provides the clarity needed for speaking one’s own personal truth. Tanzanite stimulates the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Tanzanite’s deepest shade, Indigo, combines violet color energy with the blue color energy. Indigo crystals bring wisdom and spiritual mastery and are considered stones of powerful truth and long life.

Tanzanite is considered a birthstone for December and is paired with both Pisces and Aries zodiac signs. It also holds both water and fire energies. 

You will receive the exact Tanzanite Specimen Shown

  • Specimen: TANZ-0002
  • Size: 2.5in X 2.5in X 1in
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Price Includes Shipping
  • Ships in 1-2 Days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA. 


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