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Taurus Zodiac Stone Set | Astrology Gift

Zodiac Stone Set

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A fun & unique gift idea for Taurus - The Taurus Zodiac Stone Set comes with the best stones and crystals for the Taurus sign and a detailed meaning card by a professional astrologer. It comes in a simple wooden box - ready to wrap! Stones for Taurus: Raw Emerald, Aventurine, Angelite, Rose Quartz. Astrological gifts are fun and meaningful! Read about the Taurus Constellation, Zodiac Sign & traits, then see why each crystal is perfect for Taurus. Includes white tissue paper & wooden box - leave box unfinished or get creative with decorating. Ships in a white box that is perfect for wrapping! 

Our Zodiac Crystal Sets were put together with help from professional astrologer Amy Weeks. She has years of study in Vedic Astrology and does amazing chart readings.

We Keep it Positive
Our sets were created with the intention to support the natural strengths of each Zodiac Sign. We do not try to "correct" flaws of each sign - rather, we chose stones that enhance their characteristics and celebrate their sign. 

Made for Everyone 
Our constellation cards have a mix of Science, fun facts and so they can be enjoyed by anyone. One does not have to be 'into' astrology or even crystal healing to enjoy the beauty and interesting story of these stones. 

In Depth
While our gift sets are for everyone, Cape Cod Crystals went a little deeper than your average horoscope - Each card was created with help from Professional Astrologer Amy Weeks, who has years of study and working experience in Vedic Astrology. Our Astrology cards discuss the traits of each sign, but also why certain characteristics are attributed to that sign and how the planets come into play. 


Taurus Constellation: The Bull. Taurus is one of the oldest documented constellations, going back to the Early Bronze Age. It is also one of the most visible in the Winter sky. The brightest star in the constellation is the red giant star Aldebaran, 65 light-years away. It is the 14th brightest star in the sky, and is known as Taurus’ Eye.

Taurus Astrological Sign Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, the second house represents income and means. Taurus is associated with values, wealth, and stability. They tend to be well liked and social. It is an Earth sign, represented by the bull. The bull is present and is stable in reality - planted with two feet on the ground. However, Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. Venus represents love, beauty, art, romance, and luxuries. Taurus has a blend of love for the finer things in life, as well as a solid foundation - they stay down to earth and value a solid home-life and good friends.


Emerald: Emeralds are associated with Venus and the element of earth. Also, it honors the Hindu Goddess of Food and Cooks, Annapurna. Perfect for Taurus who enjoys good food!

Aventurine: A Taurus is grounded, likes stability & consistency. Aventurine can help a Taurus increase their sense of adventure and overcome changes in life.

Angelite: A gentle stone whose purpose is to create a middle ground between the celestial and the earthbound. Its energy has been said to be akin to the presence of Angels. This stone will help Taurus find a perfect balance between the material world and a higher purpose or calling. 

Raw Rose Quartz: The Stone of Unconditional Love. Rose Quartz is associated with the planet and goddess Venus. It is perfect for Taurus, who has a strong heart and love of beauty.

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