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Thulite Worry Stone | Genuine Norwegian Pink Thulite


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Genuine, Norwegian Thulite worry stones with deep pink color. Thulite is a naturally pink form of Zoisite, also known as Rosaline. Thulite is a stone of passion, confidence, relationship building, and self-love. It's unique, beautiful pink color brings a pop of color and bit of joy into everyday moments. This stone brings us eloquence, attracting new opportunities for love & partnerships. 

You will receive one worry stone like the images shown. They are smoothed and buffed with minimal polish - just a bit of natural texture. They have an organic, oval shape and are a tad thicker than the average carry stone, about 1/4" thick. Each is between 1.25" and 1.5" long - perfect for carrying in pockets & purses. 

A stone of the Heart & Third Eye Chakras, Thulite awakens the heart to one's true desires and inspires us to do more of what makes us happy. This stone is also said to help us better understand what others seek and build relationships through empathy and mutual satisfaction. A stone for attracting new love and filling our lives with more moments of passion. 


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