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Tillandsia Air Plant, Large, 5in Curly Leaf

Air Plant

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These are gorgeous, curly Tillandsia Xerographica Air plants. No dirt! They only need air and water and can live in or on almost anything! You can pick them up and hold them in your hand. A very beautiful creation of nature. These Tillandsia plants will produce 5-6 more Tillandsia Plants over their lifetime, so be ready for a little baby Tillandsia to sprout from these once a year. 

Called the 'Queen of Air Plants', these are some of the most stunning, unusual plants. Silvery light green in color, Tillandsia Xerographica is one of the more rare varieties. It's thick, wide leaves form a tight rosette of curls with the thin, spiky new growth sprouting from the center adding a beautiful contrast in form.

Tillandsia Xerographica lives by filtering humidity, dust and debris from the air - little air purifiers!  You can place these in a normal planter, or get creative! They like to be supported, but not squished. Indirect daylight OR fluorescent light will work, so these are perfect for the office. 




I am working out the best shipping method, but for now these are only available for in-store pick up for the safety of the plant. You can still purchase yours online, and pick one in store at Cape Cod Crystals 55 Jonathan Bourne Drive in Pocasset, MA. 02559. 


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