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Trolleite Tower


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This is a natural Trolleite tower with a colorful mix of Lazulite and Scorazlite. Trolleite is a phosphate mineral commonly included with Lazulite and Scorzalite. Trolleite itself is a very pale green, nearly colorless stone while Scorzalite brings a blackish-blue color and Lazulite a more brilliant blue. A mixture of colors with defined color blocking is considered ideal for Trolleite and quality pieces are somewhat limited on the market. Metaphysically, Trolleite is a stone of spiritual awakening and opening oneself to guidance from higher realms. A stone for healers and spiritual communicators, Trolleite is a high vibrational stone with strong ties to angelic and cosmic energies. Lazulite stimulates the third eye, enhancing intuition and future sight. A great stone for students and professionals working long hours, as it helps prevent the mind from becoming fatigued. Scorazalite is a more uncommon stone, thought to be useful in channeling planetary energies. It also has been attributed to stress reduction and bringing about fortunate circumstances.

You will receive the exact Trolleite tower shown
Origin: brazil
Size: 2.2in x 1.2in x .8in
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