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Turkish Stick Agate Slab

Rocks & Fossils

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An unusual find, Turkish stick agate is an uncommon stone coming from the Ankara region of Cubuk Turkey. This piece has great transparency and you can really see the 'stick' formations. You will receive the exact slab shown.

Size: 4.2in x 3.5in x 0.25in
Weight: 3oz
Ships within 3 business days

Beautiful and unusual, Stick Agate is a rare pseudomorph that comes from mines in Ankara, Turkey. This formation occurs when agate fills a cavity within a rock that already contains mineral formations throughout. In the case of Stick Agates from Turkey, the Agate formed as a pseudomorph after Aragonite crystals giving them a tubular look.

As a healing stone, Stick agate has primal energy that harkens to the peoples of the ancient earth. Stick Agate connects us to our most primitive instincts and essential drives. Aragonite is a stone of builders, and when combined with Agate, we have an extremely grounding stone that urges us to ‘build our home’ on solid ground. It resonates with our innate skills and strengths as human beings and reminds us to focus only on what is truly important such as our health, family, and security. Its power is in its simplicity, it helps us cut away what is unnecessary and rid ourselves of excess. Drawing upon earth energies, Stick Agate restores harmony and balance by redirecting superfluous energies or thoughts so that our path is clear.


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