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Unusual Self Healed Pyrite Cluster in Quartz, Daye Mine

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This a special Pyrite specimen with unusual self-healing patterns of secondary layers of possibly dodecahedron formations over the original cubes. These are so fascinating to look at. There must have been some interesting geological processes occurring during the formation for sure. The Pyrite crystals are in a matrix of white Quartz. This specimen hails from Daye Mine, Hubei Province, China. I got this piece at the Tucson gem show and it was older stock but I don't have the exact time frame it was pulled.

Pyrite is a beloved healing stone with a long history of medicinal and metaphysical uses. A magical blend of Earth and Fire Energies, Pyrite illuminates the darkness of the unknown while also protecting & guiding our explorations. Pyrite is thought to facilitate learning, spark creativity, and aid in the development of psychic abilities. It is a stone of prosperity, fortune and abundance.

Size: 3.6in x 2in x 2in
Weight: 9oz
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