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Vera Cruz Amethyst


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This is an awesome Vera Cruz Amethyst specimen with a druzy matrix. Unique formation! There are a few longer spears and a tiny cluster perched on the top.
Vera Cruz Amethyst comes from a single location, Vera Cruz, Mexico. This rarity has a striking appearance, with enchanting, etched spears of lavender Amethyst that look otherworldly. Nothing quite compares to the delicate beauty of these little wonders. While all Amethyst is beloved in the metaphysical world, Vera Cruz is thought to have a particularly high vibration, resonating powerfully with the crown and third eye chakras. Its connection to the spirit world is sensed immediately and Vera Cruz is often used as a 'gateway' or sorts to higher realms or levels of consciousness. It is a stone of transcendence and wonder, opening the heart and mind to all levels of earthly and heavenly beauty. Many experiences a 'floaty' feeling or sense of deep peace. A wonderful stress-buster, Vera Cruz Amethyst illuminates all darkness and can provide a sense of contentment and acceptance. Like all Amethyst, Vera Cruz is thought to promote restorative sleep and help with sleeplessness. In particular, Vera Cruz has been accredited with enhanced dream recall and lucid dreaming.

  • You will receive the exact Vera Cruz Amethyst shown VERA-0006
  • Origin: Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • Size: 3in X 1.8in X 2.1in
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Includes my Amethyst Meaning Card
  • Ships within 2 Business Days
  • Free Shipping in the US


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