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Vera Cruz Amethyst, Enhydro


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This is an amazing Vera Cruz Amethyst specimen with clean, gorgeous crystals. This is a large crystal cluster with groups of lavender spears. It also features an Enhdryo or liquid inclusion that moves when you turn it upsidedown. Enhydro translates from Greek as "water within" and is a rare occurrence where crystals contain pockets of water that are thousands or even millions of years old. They are identified by a tiny air bubble that moves back and forth within the water chamber.

Vera Cruz Amethyst comes from a single location, Vera Cruz, Mexico. This rarity has a striking appearance, with enchanting, etched spears of lavender Amethyst that look otherworldly. Nothing quite compares to the delicate beauty of these little wonders. While all Amethyst is beloved in the metaphysical world, Vera Cruz is thought to have a particularly high vibration, resonating powerfully with the crown and third eye chakras. Its connection to the spirit world is sensed immediately and Vera Cruz is often used as a 'gateway' or sorts to higher realms or levels of consciousness. It is a stone of transcendence and wonder, opening the heart and mind to all levels of earthly and heavenly beauty. Many experiences a 'floaty' feeling or sense of deep peace. A wonderful stress-buster, Vera Cruz Amethyst illuminates all darkness and can provide a sense of contentment and acceptance. Like all Amethyst, Vera Cruz is thought to promote restorative sleep and help with sleeplessness. In particular, Vera Cruz has been accredited with enhanced dream recall and lucid dreaming.

You will receive the exact Vera Cruz Amethyst shown VERA-0002
  • Origin: Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • Size: 4.3in X 3.5in X 2.7in
  • Weight: 1lb 2oz
  • Enhydro comes circled unless requested otherwise
  • Includes my Amethyst Meaning Card
  • Ships within 2 Business Days
  • Free Shipping in the US

Enhydro Comes Circled! Please let us know if you need us to remove the marker circling the Enhydro.
How to spot your Enhydro: It can be tricky to spot your Enhydro at first, but be patient! Once you spot the bubble, you'll always be able to find it. Though the marker can be tedious to remove, I recommend leaving the marker circle on at first to help you find it. It will also make it easier to show others where the bubble is. Look in the area of the circle and slowly rotate your crystal, turning it every which way. Eventually, you will see a tiny bubble move! That is a tiny bit of air moving through the pocket of water within the crystal.

Caring for your Enhydro: The water within your crystal has been contained for thousands or possibly even millions of years - keep it that way! Of course, cracking the crystal will release the water, so be careful moving it around when admiring. Do not place your Enhdryo in extreme temperatures like in direct sunlight or outside on a freezing cold day. This is water - it can boil, it can freeze. Prior to shipping, temperatures will be checked in your region for unacceptable extremes. For example, we may wait to ship this if your area (or Cape Cod) is experiencing a blizzard or heatwave.


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