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Vesuvianite Crystal Specimen, Quebec, 2oz


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This is a natural, genuine Vesuvianite crystal specimen with sparkling, pastel, prismatic crystals. It has a tidy, triangular shape perfect for holding and admiring the complexity of this unusual mineral. Hailing from the Jeffery Mine in Quebec, this Vesuvainte measures 2in across and weighs 2oz. You will receive the exact specimen shown.

Light Green Vesuvianite Crystal
Origin: Quebec
Weight: 2ox
Approximate Dimensions: 2in X .9in X .8in
Ships within 2 Days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA.

Vesuvianite, also called Idocrase, is a stone of the etheric Heart chakra, or higher heart, enabling us to truly connect with others and set aside the ego. Through selflessness and awareness, Vesuvianite opens the third eye to higher realms and subconscious energies or desires - Vesuvianite is often used as a tool for developing intuition and aiding in spiritual or psychic communication. The lighter green shade of Vesuvianite also resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra, strengthening our will power and sparking creativity. Vesuvianite was adopted as a natural birthstone of Sagittarius & Capricorn, it also honors the Spring and the renewal of life.


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