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Viviante on Matrix, Rare Find


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This is a natural Viviantite on Matrix filled with gorgeous blue-green prismatic crystals. A rare find for any collection, this Vivianite has large, well-formed crystals still fully intact. You will receive the exact Vivianite shown.

Origin: Brazil
Size: 5.25in x 3in x 1.75in
Weight: 11oz
Ships within 2 business days

Vivianite is a hydrated iron phosphate mineral found in several geological settings throughout the Earth. It is a soft mineral that can form stunning blue-green prismatic crystals.

Vivianite Meaning & Metaphysical

A stone of gentleness, renewal, love, inner peace, and mystic awakening.
Brings one to a state of “enlightened compassion” deepens the connection to the collective unconscious and heightens intuition.

Removes negativity and disharmonious energies from the auric field.
Dispels self-inflicted wounds of low self-esteem and personal frustrations

Element: Earth, Water
Chakra: Heart

“Through its kindling of the heart, Vivianite can remind one of the love that dwells behind all things - the sea in which the Universe itself floats like a tiny boat. When one feels the rhythm of that ocean and senses its tide rising in the heart, complaints resentments, judgments and hurts all dissolve into gratitude and blessedness -and one’s willingness to serve that Love becomes absolute.” Simmons, The Book of Stones, 512


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