Galena Healing Properties

Galena Healing Properties

Galena Properties: Tolerance ~ Peace ~ Harmony

The ultimate grounding stone, this heavy crystal forms in metallic cubes that may look faintly blue or pink. Ancient Egyptians used it as kohl under their eyes to reduce the sun’s glare and to protect them from diseases carried by flies.

As a grounding stone, Galena supports the root chakra, allowing us to feel secure and protected. It plants us firmly on the Earth, giving us a renewed sense of stability and even belonging.

Galena is best known for its ability to give us insight into all aspects of the self and helping one confront, accept and understand our attributes - the good and the bad. It reframes our understanding of our mental processes that ultimately affect every aspect of life.

This is why Galena is known as the “stone of harmony”, it assists in the decreasing self-limiting ideas. It teaches us to embrace the aspects of ourselves we have long feared. This stone opens the mind to new concepts. It balances energy while removing emotional blocks. Galena can also reveal paths to reclaim personal power that may have been lost due to events in the past and negative perceptions of the self.

Galena possesses metal energy. Use this stone to enhance any space that used to concentrate, work, come up with new ideas, or gather strength. Galena is particularly helpful for those studying the field of medicine and can promote holistic, homeopathic, and herbal medicine studies. It’s beneficial to use during long hours in front of the computer, helping us deal with the effects of radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

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Galena has lead in it and may not be a good “healing” stone, considering lead is… and i quote google, “an extremely toxic heavy metal”.

Hilary Clinton

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