Crystal Live Sales

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Thank you so much to everyone who joins my live sales. Your continued support and participation during my shows mean the world to me and I love hosting them! We definitely have the nicest, best crowd on Instagram!

What is a live sale? 

A live sale is when I show new crystals and talk about the inventory on a Live stream on Instagram. During the show, you can purchase items shown by commenting the price of the item shown. This is called "claiming" After the show ends, you will get a message on Instagram with a link to purchase your Live Sale order. It is not an auction. There is a set price for everything. If multiple people claim, it goes to the first username that appears on my screen. 

How do I watch? 

All you have to do is follow Cape Cod Crystals on Instagram, and turn on Notifications for my profile. The notifications can be turned on by tapping the bell at the top right corner. This will let you know anytime I am live! 

When is the next Live Sale?
I typically do my live sales 1-3 times a month on a Sunday around 5PM EST. I will usually start posting about the live sale a few days in advance. 

Live Sale Rules
Like all live sales, there are rules to help the show run smoothly. 
1. Claims can be made once I show the price and corresponding letter if there is one. This makes it fair for everyone and prevents confusion. For example, I cannot accept a claim without a price like "I'll claim that one". The shows are not super competitive, so usually you can claim what you'd like. 
2. Claim with care! Again to avoid confusion and for fairness, once you claim an item it cannot be switched or put back. 
3. Invoices should be paid within 24 hours. I accept all forms of payment including PayPal and Afterpay installments. If you have a very large order, I can also manually split the payments. As long as an initial payment is made within 24 hours we're good. 
4. With some exceptions, if invoices are unpaid, you won't be able to claim again. This does not include instalment plans. If you have an open installment, you can add to it. However, if you change your mind about a Live Sale order, please let me know! There is no hard feelings.  Even if you decide not to purchase, you are still welcome to watch and chat during the Live Sales, you just can't claim during them. You can still claim after the show is over by messaging me privately and are of course welcome to purchase other items from the website anytime. 
And that's it! Thanks again for your interest in my lives and I'll see you at the next show!