Garnierite | Resilience & Imagination

Garnierite | Resilience & Imagination

What is Garnierite?

Garnierite is a term used to describe the green pockets of stone found within weathered, serpentinized rocks. These green areas are an important ore of Nickel, which gives Garnierite is green color. Garnierite does not have an agreed-upon chemical formula, it is closely related to Serpentine and associated with Olivine and Peridotite. Deposits of Garnierite have been found in South Africa, The Dominican Republic, Oregon, and several other locations. The appearance varies in each deposit.

Garnierite Appearance

One of the first things many notice about Garnierite is its unique, almost indescribable coloring. Overall, they have a lovely Pistachio color that can be marked with streaks or spots of intense Green.

‘Garnierite Moonstone’

Sometimes referred to as Green Moonstone, Feldspar (Moonstone) that contains Garnierite has a lovely, soft green hue, sweeping lines, and a wispy, weathered look. It embodies both the properties of Moonstone and the added benefits of Garnierite.

Garnierite Metaphysical Properties

A stone of the Earth and heavens, Garnierite strikes a unique balance of grounding properties and ethereal connection. It is grounding and sparks creativity and ingenuity. Garnierite is also considered a stone of serendipity or ‘luck’ bringing positive change and growth.

A Stone of Strength

To understand the properties of Garnierite, we need to examine its essential component: Nickel. Nickel is considered an element of strength and provides a strong framework. It is something that fortifies and builds resilience. Throughout our lives, we face many challenges and these storms have the most profound effect on our being. Garnierite reminds us that strength is not a requirement to endure, it is enduring that builds strength. Houseplants will ultimately be weakened by the absence of wind.  Without resistance to push back against, we cannot grow stronger. Garnierite can be the perfect symbol of endurance and reformation, reminding us that strength is built over time and not without our own endurance.

A Stone of the Heavens and Earth

Nickel is the ‘brother’ of Iron and we find Nickel-Iron alloy primarily in two places. At the very core of the Earth and in the meteorites that fall to Earth. Garnierite taps into the Universe’s most essential energies. It is powerfully connected to the ancient Earth and the cosmos. It embodies a fascinating balance of energies that seems to grow and evolve as the stone is held. It offers a sense of safety and peace while igniting the creative mind and a sense of wonder.

As a healing stone, Garnierite is most commonly associated with the Heart Chakra, emotional stress relief and spiritual growth. Garnierite works on the relationship between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, encouraging us to find the courage to pursue our hearts true desires. It can help us speak up for ourselves and even remove our own mental blocks that restrict our growth.

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