Waning crescent Moon in Pisces

Waning crescent Moon in Pisces

Waning crescent Moon in Pisces
The waning crescent will be supportive of recent new beginnings. We are in the early stages of manifesting our desired result for these upcoming weeks.
The sign of Pisces represents many things including, dreams, different states of consciousness, meditation, long distance travels, jails, asylums, ashrams, and escape or detachment of any form... as well as premonitions. We can think of this time as beginning anew in our experience of spirituality. Any higher power, higher knowledge, religious or non-religious spirituality can be included here. New beginnings that include your beliefs, a desire to begin a spiritual regime, daily routine, or meditation are being supported. 
Our dreams may be quite vivid for us during this time as well! Pisces is known as the channel between our conscious and subconscious mind. And the moon is sensitive here, acting like a sponge to this Pisces energy.

Have a great couple days! Until next time 💕

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Article by Amy Weeks

Art by Amy Weeks

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