"Apophyllite crystals are mini-temples dedicated to the healing and enlightenment of the Earth and her children"

 Naisha Ahsian from the Book of Stones: who they are and what they teach us.
apophyllite specimen with pink stilbite.

Apophyllite was named in 1806 by Rene Just Haüy from the Greek for "away from" (πό, apo) and "leaf" (φύλλον, phyllos). Recently, the types of this mineral have been distinguished, so Apophyllite is an umbrella term for 3 types of minerals, Fluorapophyllite (green or pastel hue), Hydroxyapophyllite (clear), and Natroapophyllite (brown). All types of Apophyllite share a similar chemical structure and properties but just vary in color and shape.

Apophyllite's structure consists of layers, which gives in a pearly sheen and unique shape. It is layered with alternating silicate sheets and the potassium, sodium, calcium, fluorine and water layers in between.

Apophyllite crystals can be found in ancient lava flows, that filled in-caves or voids and are now solid masses. As lava poured into these spaces and quickly cooled, the air-bubbles hardened in-place, creating pockets in the solid mass. We know these pockets as geodes. Some mystery still exits as to how exactly crystals grow inside geodes.  

Most Apophyllite on the collectors market comes from India, but it can also be found in Italy, Germany, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, and Brazil.

Metaphysical Properties

"the kingdom of heaven is spread out over the earth, and men do not see it"












Apophyllite is a crystal that awakens the mind to the beauty and magic of this world;  it shows us the value in restoring our 
sense of wonder and allowing yourself to marvel at the simplest of things. Temporarily suspending our beliefs, perceptions, even our rationality, creates a clean slate. In this freed state, the most fantastic of new ideas and perceptions can find us

Mediation with Apophyllite allows us to sense our interconnectedness with creation and all things in it.

Apophyllite is associated with both the element of wind, but also has an interesting relationship with water energies. Apophyllite contains water, and this may be why it is thought to have powerful cleaning properties and is highly sought by healers. It is especially popular for use during Reiki sessions, as it is thought to allow for the transfer of energy and removal of blockages.


Green Apophyllite

The green color of apophyllite can be vibrant, or very subtle like in this pastel green specimen.

A stone of optimism, renewal and child-like joy in nature.

Green Apophyllite has a sweet energy that inspires lightheartedness and deepens our enjoyment of nature’s beauty. It connects us to the energetic undercurrent of the natural world that is humming with life and growth. A wonderful crystal for gardeners and animal lovers, it is thought to aid communication with the spirit of nature.

Green Apophyllite can come in many shades, ranging from just a hint of aqua to deep forest green. Like all green stones, Apophyllite is a stone of growth, rebirth, recovery, youth, and vitality. Green Apophyllite is wonderful to ‘rest’ the eyes on. Letting our gaze linger on a green stone brings a sense of peace. Apophyllite’s Earthy energy refreshes indoor spaces and can be a wonderful stone for the office. Green Apophyllite is a friend of the Heart Chakra, which is happiest when outdoors.

Clear Apophyllite

A stone of light, transcendence, consciousness and the Higher Self.

Clear Apophyllite is highly sought for its spiritual healing properties. Nearly all of this stone’s perceived effects are of the mind, not the body. In Reiki, pyramids are used to facilitate the flow of energy from the practitioner to the client, especially those who may have a resistance to spiritual ideas or are not fully engaged. Similarly, it can be a great stone for those who are experiencing a block or have become discouraged in their spiritual growth. Apophyllite is a crystal often associated with the mystic and supernatural; it is often used by those wishing to communicate with other realms or enhance psychic visions. But Apophyllite is also very popular among those who simply enjoy its energy. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it clears and opens the mind, ridding worries and expanding our awareness.

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