Hemimorphite is a unique, rare crystal that appeals to both scientists and collectors. It is highly energetic, vibrantly colored and a beautiful piece for both healing and display.

Hemimorphite crystal

Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties

Beloved by jewelers and healers, Hemimorphite’s unique exterior beauty is matched by its long list of exceptional properties. Below are just a few of the metaphysical properties & healing uses that have been attributed to Hemimorphite.

  • Enhance psychic visions or empathetic abilities
  • Sensation of higher spiritual realms
  • Heightened Awareness and Intuition
  • Empathy & Selflessness
  • Energy & Enthusiasm
  • Elevated Mood & Positive Outlook
  • Amplification of Positive Emotions
  • Throat Chakra: Improved Communication & Emotional Intelligence
  • Heart Charka: Relationship Building, Self Love and Healing, Heightened Experiences of Joy and Love.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, Future Sight, Introspection, Psychic Ability
  • Crown Chakra: Higher Spiritual Connections and Expanded Consciousness. Transcendence of Worldly Concerns, Seeking True Fulfillment. Connection to the Universe & Collective Unconscious, Selflessness
  • Water Energy:  Going with the flow while acknowledging our connection to others and the world around us. Better understanding of our role in the lives of others - empathy & emotional intelligence. Encourages freedom of emotional expression, letting go, and moving forward.
  • Considered a ‘storm’ element crystal
  • A stone for Libra and water signs.

Go with the flow

The unique electrical properties and water elemental energy of Hemimorphite make this the ultimate crystal for a boost of positive energy. Hemimorphite’s vivid aqua color and rolling formation remind one of tropical waters - a feeling of both relaxation and invigoration. Its intense color is a rarity in the mineral world and makes it a truly special piece of nature.

Good Vibes

With its light-hearted and jovial presence, Hemimorphite inspires us to generate our own happiness through creativity and relationships - it sparks a passion for new projects and the renewed enthusiasm to see them through to completion. It can be a reminder to communicate with friends, express our gratitude to family and attract joy and positivity into our lives.

What is Hemimorphite?

Hemimorphite occurs above Zinc deposits, and forms as either white crystals, or teal clusters with a cloud-like shape. It is found in Mexico, China, Southwestern United States, and Italy.

Hemimorphite teal color, gummy bear

A Large Hemimorphite Crystal Specimen | and a blue raspberry gummy bear 


The name Hemimorphite refers to its structure, meaning “half-formed”. Only a few other minerals show ‘hemimorphic’ character,  but none show it as well as Hemimorphite. This unique formation gives Hemimorphite special electrical properties.


Hemimorphic asymmetry (a dissimilar crystal structure at either end) accounts for Hemimorphite's most fascinating characteristic: an electrical charge induced by changes in temperature or pressure. The phenomena is known as pyroelectricity. Hemimorphic crystals will develop a positive charge one end of the crystal and negative charges at the opposite end, creating its own little forcefield of charge. This phenomenon is known as piezoelectricity.


If you’re of a pre-vaccine generation, you probably at some point had the Chicken Pox. Remember that pink, chalky Calamine Lotion? Hemimorphite is a component of Calamine and was formerly called Calamine before being distinguished as its own, separate entity.  A good part of what makes up Calamine lotion is Zinc. Zinc is a skin protectant and helps our bodies keep viruses in check. You’ll see Zinc as the main ingredient for immune boosting vitamins and Zinc is the main ingredient in Zicam, the cold treatment. Hemimorphite is an important ore of zinc, containing up to 54.2% of the Zinc along with silicon, oxygen and hydrogen: Zn4Si2O7(OH)2·H2O