Picture Jasper

A stone of Ancient Civilizations, Connection to the Earth’s Energies and Finding Home

Picture Jasper Tumbled Stones

Picture Jasper is a stone commonly used for meditation, in order to tap into the Earth’s ‘consciousness’ and align oneself with the flowing energies of our planet. Suggestions for use range from using it to lay out crystal grids to planning the building or interior design of a home. It is thought that the intricate patterns of Picture Jasper tell the story of Ancient Peoples who relied on the Earth and Sky in all aspects of life, and perhaps still had a natural, instinctual sense of Earth’s energetic fields. Using Picture Jasper, one can practice experiencing the sensation of the Earth’s energy network.

Some suggest that Picture Jasper is an effective gazing stone, and acts as a portal to distant times or places. It is also used as a divination stone.

I like to think of Picture Jasper as a stone that helps us ‘find home’. Considering its reputation as a stone of connectivity, I imagine this as a stone for homesickness or a comforting stone for those who have loved ones far away. Like a picture on the nightstand, it can help us maintain our connections to those we cannot be with physically. Following its patterns comfort and give us perspective on the many paths our lives will take and how they will intersect with those who are important to us.

Chakra Healing with Picture Jasper

picture jasper stones

Like all Jaspers, Picture Jasper supports the Root Chakra, allowing us to feel secure and stable. Picture Jasper is unique in its third eye influence; it is considered a stone of intuition, foresight and tapping into ancient knowledge or just learning from our own personal experiences.

Picture Jasper formation

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