Purple Jade, Turkish Jadeite

Purple Jade from Turkey is a rare and beautiful variety of Jadeite with colors that range from deep lilac to a mottled, dusty lavender. This Jade is unique to one specific location in Turkey and is valued for its unique color and limited availability. It also has gained a reputation for its metaphysical associations and properties. 

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Turkish Purple Jade Rarity

Purple Turkish Jade is rumoured to be mined out with availability decreasing yearly. This Jade also was a surface deposit and no material has been found below a few feet of Earth so it's availability is naturally limited. Currently the Turkish Government is considering making it a "National Heritage Stone", which could also decrease the amount that can be exported. 

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Turkish Jade Metaphysical Properties 

Purple Jade is a stone of protection, transformation, transcendence and creativity. Purple Jade resonates with the upper chakras and has a unique color spectrum and composition that makes it very versatile. It is a stone of the solstice, in particular the Winter solstice with its energy embodying the majesty and beauty of the Winter months. It holds some of the traditional values of Jade like fidelity, longevity and lasting love, but also has developed its own spiritual reputation: 

Purple Jade for Spiritual Protection: Purple jade acts as a shield against negative energies and psychic disturbances, providing a comforting sense of safety and security. Like hibernating in the Winter months, Purple Jade offers a warm place to regain strength, find peace and restore one's energies. 

Purple Jade for Spiritual Growth: Purple jade enhances intuition and spiritual insight, guiding individuals on their inner journey with clarity and confidence.

Purple Jade for Wisdom and Intuition: Purple jade offers ancient wisdom and clarity of thought, empowering individuals to navigate life's complexities with grace.

Purple Jade for Emotional Healing: Purple jade soothes the heart and calms turbulent emotions, providing a sense of peace and tranquility. It has a gentle 

Purple Jade for Transformation: With purple jade, individuals embrace personal growth and transformation, shedding old patterns to emerge renewed and empowered.

Purple Jade for Chakra Alignment: Purple jade harmonizes the body's energy centers, promoting balance and alignment for overall well-being.

Purple Jade for Creativity: In the realm of artistic expression, purple jade is a muse of boundless inspiration. Purple Jade sparks creativity and ignites the imagination, fueling artistic expression and innovation. 

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