Rainbow Iris Agate

Rainbow Iris Agate is a special Agate with a stunning effect when held to a single light source like the sun or flashlight. It also has wonderful metaphysical properties that make it popular for both collectors and crystal enthusiasts. 

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Iris Agate exhibits a striking and unique play of colors resembling the iridescence seen in the iris of an eye. This can range from a little color to a full rainbow effect. A full connected rainbow is considered ideal and the more range of color the better! This phenomenon is caused by the diffraction of light as it passes through thin layers of microscopic crystals or mineral inclusions within the agate. These layers refract light, creating a beautiful array of colors that shift and change depending on the angle of observation and the light source. 

Iris Agates are currently uncommon and the pricing varies quite a bit based on size, quality and so on. But what makes Iris Agates a challenge is the cutting. More Agates than suspected may actually have this rainbow effect, but need to be carefully and very thinly cut to showcase the optical effect. They also need to be cut at the right angle.  But when done correctly these can be beautiful, unique pieces that will make everlasting rainbows. 

Metaphysical Properties of Iris Agate

Iris Agates infuse the aura with light and target all chakras. It is excellent for clearing blockages and creating a protective 'bubble' of light. While a universal Chakra stone, it also is strongly connected to the third eye. It brightens any space and is a stone of happiness, manifestation, imagination and well-being. 

Agate has been used by mankind for nearly as far back as we have record. Traditionally a very grounding stone, Iris Agate brings its own unique 'airy' quality. Light as a feather and with brilliant color, it sparks creativity, light heartedness and is an uplifting stone. 

For placement, Iris Agates can do well in any area of the house and are very versatile. Of course you will want to place it either with a single light source behind it or where the sun can reach behind the stone so it can send it's light forward. 

One fun attribute of this stone is it is said to be a stone that 'grants wishes' which I think is a very fun way of describing its manifestation properties. It's strong connection to the third eye and manifestation properties I think would also make this a unique gazing stone. 

See My Iris Agate Pieces Here