Ruby Fuchsite

A stone for the Heart Chakra, Ruby Fuchsite is the perfect combination for love, fertility and positive growth. The contrasting colors and densities of these stones is a wonderful symbol of unity, togetherness and a lasting bond.

Ruby In Fuchsite Tumbled Stones | Explore the beautiful meaning of Ruby Fuchsite

Fuchsite, or Verdite, is a form of Muscovite that contains Chromium, giving it a natural, pastel green color. It is also Chromium that gives Ruby its red color. Fuchsite and Ruby both form independently of each other, but occasionally occur together creating the beautiful combination stone Ruby Fuchsite. Fuchsite is pronounced 'fook'site

Combining the forward, powerful energies of Ruby with the subtle, tranquil nature of Fuchsite, Ruby Fuchsite is a stone of balanced strength and self-love. Primarily green and speckled with bright patches of purple or magenta, it resembles microscopic algae particles. This blend of warm and cool colors reflects the delicate balance of emotion and awareness that Ruby Fuchsite teaches us to practice and master. Bringing strength, courage, and zest from Ruby as well as peace and gentle nurturing energies from Fuchsite, this stone helps us to value ourselves and filter negative relationships from our lives. It cleanses us of lingering emotional residue and helps us to resist unhealthy relationships. By improving our ability to establish boundaries with others and encouraging us to celebrate our unique traits, Ruby Fuchsite increases our ability to love ourselves unconditionally.

Ruby Fuchsite Palm Stones are perfect for carrying with you throughout the day.

Bring Ruby Fuchsite to any cleansing or releasing ritual to help let go of emotional burdens. Hold it or wear it on your person as you cleanse yourself with sage or discard unwanted objects and experience a sense of relief as the stone breaks your burden’s grip.

Ruby Fuchsite energizes the root and heart chakras. In unison, they encourage us to recognize and treat our emotional well-being as one of the vital pillars supporting our personal growth.


Aquarians more strongly connect to Ruby Fuchsite and can benefit from the stone’s emotionally balancing properties.