Selenite Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties

Selenite is a stone of mental and energetic clarity. Selenite is associated with the third eye, crown and the transpersonal/etheric chakras (located above the head.) Selenite is a stone of the wind element. Selenite is also very soft, having a Mohs hardness of just 2. Its airy nature is well suited to the ethereal aspects of life. It is thought that Selenite assists us in communication with whatever higher power we or presence we seek. It is also used to assist communication with spirit guides and bring us closer to our own personal angels. For some, this spiritual communication means deep introspection, and ‘soul searching’ during times of decision making and uncertainty.

Selenite’s ability to be a cleanse in all areas of one’s life is spectacular. A crystal that should be in every home and workplace, Selenite dispels confusion, purifies auric fields, eliminates unwanted forces from the home and promotes a calm mind during meditation.

Selenite Uses in Daily Life

white selenite wands for daily crystal healing rituals

Using Selenite daily will bring about an increased understanding of ones sub-conscious. People who struggle with erratic emotions will find that Selenite gives them a sense of stability.

Use Selenite when life throws you mixed messages; when you don’t know what step to take next in your work or home life, Selenite will be there to slow things down and allow you to see life with ease.


Selenite For Sleep

selenite night light

With the softness of air and comforting glow of the Moon, Selenite is the perfect nighttime companion for those struggling with sleep. A Selenite nightlight is wonderful for creating a soothing environment at bedtime. Placing wands or even little cubes of Selenite at each edge of the bed frame also can help one feel surrounded and protected from outside energies. You can imagine their white light, billowing inward and filling the space surrounding you.



Cleansing and Charging With Selenite

Selenite does not hold any negative energies and never needs to be charged. You can use this stone to keep the rest of your stone collection charged and free of congested energy. For healers and large collections, Selenite is a must-have. A variety of options exist for Selenite cleansing and charging. There are bowls, plates, discs, slabs and raw wands in all sizes. Simply placing crystals, jewelry or any objects that need cleansing on a Selenite slab will do the trick.

Selenite does not need to be cleansed, but because of Selenites association with the Moon’s energy, many like to give it a boost in the light of a full moon. Selenite should never be placed in water unless it is your intention to dissolve it.


Akashic Record

Selenite has been said to hold all the information of life on Earth from its conception. Using this stone during meditation can help you to access your Akashic Records and connect with your spiritual origins.


Selenite Rose, Desert Rose

Selenite Rose - Round Desert Rose Selenite Crystals by Cape Cod Crystals

 These are talismans and guardians. Each one is thought to contain its own unique protective energy or spirit. They are wonderful for those who are shy or learning how to carry themselves in a new environment such as a new workplace. Creativity is at the heart of each Selenite Rose and it is this ingenuity of spirit that allows us to shake off restrictions we may feel to be ourselves or pursue our passions. They are wild. And this freeform energy is wonderful for boosting confidence, encouraging spontaneity and even sparking a little romance.  

The Selenite Rose has also become a tool for psychics and intuitive who appreciate their protective energy and cleansing of the third eye. A Selenite rose is created when sand combines with gypsum (Selenite) and causes a rosette-shaped growth pattern. These are often found in arid regions and also go by 'Desert Rose'.

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