Stones for the Heart Chakra

Some of the most popular stones for the heart chakra include Rose Quartz, Amazonite and Green Aventurine. But there are many stones that support our heart chakra, keeping us emotionally well and open to new love. 

About the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra SymbolThe heart chakra may be the one chakra that we sense the most powerfully. Across cultures, the chest area and the heart have been associated with strong emotions; The heart is a symbol for love and we place our hand over our heart when showing respect, admiration or when expressing grief or remorse.

The heart chakra is the 4th of the traditional 7 chakras. It is represented by the color green and the element of air. It is thought to be where our earthy ambitions and spiritual desires meet and come to fruition. The heart chakra is a place of love, beauty, compassion and forgiveness. Green stones along with rose quartz are supportive to the heart. Taking deep breaths and connecting to nature brings harmony to the heart chakra. 

Rose Quartz

A giant raw rose quartz stone

One of the most popular stones for the heart chakra, Rose Quartz has symbolized beauty and romance for centuries. Its soft pink color and charming energy attract the eye and soothe the senses. 

Wearing it, meditating with it, as well as keeping it near, is believed to open the heart up to all kinds of love: romantic love, love of family, love of friends, and love of self.

Restoring trust is one of its most powerful and important uses of Rose Quartz.  The heart cannot move on from hurt into renewed trust until the understanding and acceptance of past situations. Rose Quartz remedies this by encouraging understanding of feelings such as fear and suspicion.  

Jade (green) 

large jade stones

For centuries, Jade has been revered as a stone of the heart. Jade is a stone of committed love and is seen as a token similar to the diamond for engagement. This stone is pale green, sometimes transparent, and is associated with long-term dedication of oneself to another. 

Green Aventurine

raw green aventurine.jpg

An uplifting stone, Green Aventurine is a natural pick-me-up and wonderful for bringing an earthy element to indoor spaces. A stone for growth, renewal and creating an environment of nurturing love. 

Green Calcite

raw green calcite stone.jpg

Refreshing and rejuvenating, Green calcite is relaxing to the eye and cleanses the heart of built up emotion. It restores harmony the heart chakra, allowing energies and emotions to flow and old wounds to heal. Green Calcite can also help us express our desires and in turn, attract the kind of love we seek into our lives. 

Pink Calcite / Mangano Calcite

raw pink calcite crystals.jpg

Similarly to Green Calcite, shades of Pink Calcites cleanse and restore harmony to the heart chakra. Pink Calcite helps strengthen empathy, encourages laughter and a more spiritual view of love. It connects spirits and inspires lightheartedness and laughter. 

Green Opal

large raw green opal stone

Green Opal cleanses the heart chakra to allow us to experience but not be ruled by emotion, and strengthen relationships. It also clears blockages in the third eye chakra which help us to think clearly and with purpose. Green Opal works wonders at clearing negative emotions; by filling the spirit with renewed joy, old wounds fade as new passions grow in their place.  


Unakite Tumbled Stones

Red Jasper and Epidote blend beautifully in Unakite Jasper and embody strong, harmonious relationships. A gift at weddings, the interlacing colors symbolize growing together.


Minty green amazonite palm stone

Named for the Amazon River, this stone is a has been a talisman of courage and protection since ancient times. Its inviting green patterns connect us to both water and earth energies. This connection to nature supports the heart chakra, which is re-energized by being in a natural environment. Its pale green color is also perfect for soothing emotions. 


More Stones for the Heart Chakra




Pink Tourmaline



In general, green stones are thought to be the best for aligning with the energies of the heart chakra. Some pink stones too, make wonderful healing companions.