Water Element Energy



The water you drink today is the same water that has existed on this planet for Billions of years. Water was brought to earth by the countless asteroids that crashed into the forming planet. This water created steam and blanked our earth in a mist that eventually produced our first rains. Puddles became oceans and the cycle continues today. Water runs on an eternal cycle and we can see the correlation between this cycle and the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Water reminds us that there is no destruction of matter, just a change of form.


Water takes on endless form, because it is formless. Its ability to adapt, push forward, find a way has inspired religion and intrigued scientists. The smallest of streams will eventually carve out a river, a canyon - the flow of our daily lives can be seen as a similar process. While our routines may seem mundane, it is the flow of life builds and creates the self. We may feel like we are always working towards something - ‘things will be better once….” Water reminds us of the power of our simplest tasks and that what we are doing now is what is most important. The path is what matters and to be aware and awake in the moment.


Humans are instinctively drawn to water. Perhaps because this is where we began life, or because of the bounty it can provide. Water and life go hand in hand. The oceans teem with life, the rains give life to the earth and so on. We see water is a way to health and a means of sustenance. The sound of the ocean, or rain or even a fountain is pleasing to our primal minds that know we are safe and provided for by Water.


The colors of Water are some of the most beloved by Man - the deepest blues, shining aqua, even the light blues of a reflected sky. The rarity of blue in nature makes it a treasure and a signal of something good and worthy of our attention. The color Blue is thought to have a calming effect on the brain and is certainly linked to our relationship with life-giving water.


Updated April 11th 2018

To be Continued


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