Aragonite | Creativity & Nature

Aragonite | Creativity & Nature

Aragonite is an important mineral in the natural world and considered a powerful Earth healing stone. Aragonite occurs both organically (in the shells of sea life) and grows inorganically, in the ocean and caves. The shells of some sea life are made of Aragonite and it is what comprises ‘Mother of Pearl’. One of its most important roles is in Coral reefs. Aragonite is a building block of Coral Reefs and is essential for sustaining the life found there.

In 2007, it was confirmed that Aragonite could purify contaminated water, even removing lead and other heavy metals. Certain home water softening systems now use Aragonite filters.

Aragonite Healing Properties

Large Aragonite Palm Stones. Learn more about Aragonite's Healing Properties.

In the metaphysical world, Aragonite is a powerful healing stone with deep connections to the Earth’s energy. In Nature, Aragonite builds and supports the structures of life. And so it follows that Aragonite is a stone that supports those who are ‘builders’ literally and figuratively. It is considered beneficial to woodworkers, craftsmen, artists and all those who work to create or improve. I would also expand this recommendation to include those who work in graphic design, web design and coding; professions that involve building but also can deprive one of Nature. Aragonite brings to mind the intricate and ancient process that created the Earth we know today. It allows one to be in harmony with their environment and see the beauty of our world with appreciation and respect.

Along with an appreciation for Nature, comes our recognition of our place in it; Aragonite helps us to let go of our trivial desires and fears, and see ourselves as part of a large story in which each thing has its place. It helps us connect to the Earth and respect our environment.

Aragonite can be a reminder to ‘grow where you are planted’ tending to our living space & family with renewed satisfaction. Brown color energy is grounding and is associated with the feeling of being at home. So the warm brown color of this Aragonite is perfect for creating a comforting, welcoming place where we feel safe and at ease.

Aragonite is also thought to dispel negative energy, which seems appropriate considering its impressive detoxifying effects in the physical world.

Aragonite stars

Aragonite Stars are another form Aragonite takes on. The stars are used for breaking down barriers like writer's block or emotional barriers like anger or resentment. The stars are thought to remove energetic blockages from the lower chakras, allowing us to draw from the energies of the Earth. 


Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite is a beloved healing stone thought to resonate with one's inner child, bringing joy, optimism, and renewed enthusiasm. A wonderful stone for the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

While there is dyed blue Aragonite, Blue Aragonite does occur naturally. Aragonite is chemically related to Calcite and similarly can take on many colors and forms. Light shades of Aragonite work on the higher chakras and facilitate the flow of energy in the Throat chakra and crown Chakra. Where brown Aragonite provides creative support, blue Aragonite can provide inspiration and help us find our path, or where to apply our creative efforts. Blue Aragonite has a softer, refreshing energy that leaves us feeling renewed and ready for anything. 

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