Why Shop with Cape Cod Crystals?

You have lots of choices when it comes to buying crystals online, here are a few ways we stand out.

1.  I select all crystal specimens in person. 

2.  What you see is what you get. I take all my own photographs of the actual products for sale & update photos to reflect inventory.

3.   I work directly with an importer in MA to offer you the best quality and value and never purchase crystals that come from ethically questionable mines or vendors.

  I price our crystals according to true and current market value for grade & size. 

5.  pack our crystals with the utmost care and take responsibility for broken items. And I accept returns so you will never be stuck with a crystal you don’t love.

6.  We have years of experience collecting and sourcing high-quality crystals and the most reasonable rates and are excited to share our finds with you!

7. We have a cute penguin logo. 
Thank you for supporting our small business!