Full Moon in Leo March 1st

Full Moon in Leo March 1st

The moon has moved into the sign of Leo, where it will grow over the next day into our full moon. 

The full moon is approaching, representing the fullness of our manifestations. The full moon will be a time for us to see how far we have come. With the constellation of Leo behind her, we will be more apt to feel the presence of our soul during this time. Our soul and ego will be present through the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo. We may be able to see how far our soul has journeyed toward it's most authentic form. We are approaching this fullness and will have the opportunity to watch what no longer serves our soul naturally fall away. 

For now, we have Saturn in a powerful placement in regard to our moon. Saturn loves hard work, honesty, and dedication. With Saturn trine the moon we can be sure that any hard work, donations of excess goods, or steady dedication of any kind will enhance this awareness in the mind and supplement our full moon's blessings. 

...Until next time 🌝 🙏🏻


Written by Amy Weeks - Astrology with Amy

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