Tetrahedrite | Stone of Achievement

Tetrahedrite | Stone of Achievement

Tetrahedrite Properties: Intelligence, Power, Enlightenment, Determination, Detoxification

Tetrahedrite Mineral Information

Tetrahedrite is an unusual mineral that is part of a solid solution series. A solid solution series occurs in nature when one element within a mineral is being replaced by another over time until it changes the mineral type entirely. It is a spectrum, with a different mineral on each end and in-between there are various states. Tetrahedrite is Copper Antimony Sulfide or Cu12Sb4S13. In the solid solution series of Tetrahedrite, the mineral Antimony is being replaced by Arsenic.

At the other end of the spectrum, is the rare mineral tennantite (Cu12As4S13, Copper Arsenic Sulfide). The two minerals share the same crystal structure but they differ in the percentage of arsenic and antimony. Antimony rich crystals are Tetrahedrite while arsenic specimens are Tennantite. Iron, zinc and silver always substitute for the copper in both minerals up to about 15 %.

Tetrahedrite Meaning

Tetrahedrite is named after the Tetrahedron, this shape representing its fascinating crystal structure. The unique habit of Tetrahedrite makes for some enchanting formations that look like otherworldly objects. 

Tetrahedrite Healing Properties

While Tetrahedrite is usually sought by collectors, it does offer particular healing properties. Tetrahedrite’s high Antimony content makes this a stone of intelligence, achievement and quick-thinking. It is thought that Antimony offers a mental ‘boost’ speeding up learning and allowing us to make significant progress in short time. Antimony also offers a sort of mental and spiritual detox - it takes off the ‘extra weight’ added by unnecessary emotional or psychological baggage to clear our path and lighten our load.

Tetrahedrite is a stone of power and grace. As an ore of both Copper and Silver, Tetrahedrite can boost physical and psychological energies to new new levels. The Copper element draws on the fiery elements of the Earth, while Silver is a shimmering cord to the energies of the Moon. Tetrahedrite can used to charge other crystals during the full and new moons. It is excellent for setting long-term intentions that require determination and mental clarity.

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